Astronomy yesterday and today

Our school choses the astronomy project because there is the Ondrejev Observatory near the
There are four teachers in this project : N. Skardova ( History team), V. Hudcová ( Physics
and Computer team), J. Modrackova ( English team), the head of this project is
Jiri Jermar. He has had several experiences with school projects, when he was a
headmaster of NHPS shool in the Czech Republic. He recomended us to work with the
„IVAC“ model : ( Investigation, Vision, Action, Change).

Investigation of a theme
- why is it important for us?
- is it important for us/ others? - now / in the future?
- do life style and livig conditions make an influence?
- what influence are we subject to,
- how was it in former times and why has it changed?

Development of visions
- what alternatives can we imagine?
- how are the conditions in the other countries and cultures?
- what do we prefer and why?

Action and Change
- what changes will bring us clouser to the visions?
- changes in our life, in the class, in the society?
- what action possibilities exit to reach the changes?
- what are the barriers to carry out these actions?
- what are the barriers between action and change?
- which actions will we carry out?
- how do we want to evaluate these actions?

This system deals with the pupils´ developing ideas, dreams and preceptions about their future
life and society in which they will be growing up. They learn how to
communicate with people and listen to them and develop their competence.
This system was accepted from the programme of The Healthy Schools in Denmark, which
was treated by experts from rhe Royal Danish School of Education, especially by
Mr Bjarn Jensen.

About project Věra Hudcová and Jiří Jermář
Translation : P.uč. Modráčková