Angličtina 8. třída
Angličtina 8. třída - pracovní listy
školní rok 2009/2010
List 1 Must, have to, should, shouldn’t
List 2 Must, can, mustn’t, needn’t, should, revision time
List 3 Mustn’t, can, can’t, dialogue, revision date
List 4 Listening - Living in Africa, My pet
List 5 Revision for test 7, large numbers, present perfect: ever,never
List 6 Some, no, any, every + body, thing, where, one
List 7 Revision for test 8; revision tenses
List 8 Listening - I'm from Japan, Monsters
List 9 Revision for revision test 4
List 10 Present simple and continuous, stative verbs
List 11 Present simple and continuous, revision unit 1
List 12 Listening - This is my life, Job interview
List 13 Present perfect (recently, ever, never, since, for)
List 14 Present perfect (since, for)
List 15 Present perfect, plural, a pair of
List 16 Too, enough
List 17 Listening - Robinson Crusoe, Robber indentification
List 18 Clothing, revision for Test U2, Revision test 1
List 19 Past simple and continuous
List 20 Had to, could, couldn’t
List 21 Materials, everyday things, revision for test U3
List 22 Will be able to, will have to
List 23 Should, shouldn’t
List 24 But, however, revision past simple
Obrázky Bathroom, Bedroom, Classroom
Flowers, Garage, Kitchen
Dinning room, Living room, Playroom
(c) Marek Hudec [HRUDKA] 2009